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Organic Lawn Care

Going Organic

The transition to natural organic methods can be instituted at any time. Getting started is as easy as stopping the use of synthetic fertilizers and pesticides and switching to our organic program. The first step in switching from conventional to natural organic lawn care is to assess the quality of the existing lawn Feel Good About Your Lanw

The key to a successful organic lawn program is good soil quality. Good soil contains plenty of organic matter and microbes. Microbes both feed and protect the lawn from disease. We replenish the microbes with a thin layer of compost. Compost is loaded with microbes and helps boost the microbial activity in the soil. Next, we start using organic protein based fertilizers to feed the microbes. The microbes convert the fertilizer into nutrients available for the lawn.

Why not conventional fertilizers?

Quick fix, petroleum based fertilizers make lawns grow fast and green, but exhaust grass roots and kill beneficial bacteria and fungi, thereby promoting unbalanced insect populations. Broadleaf weed controls kill weeds, but they also kill beneficial micro-organisms that work to keep soil nurturing and alive. Thatch build-up occurs when there is no microbial life to decompose it. Toxic pesticides also harm trees and woody plants and stay around a lot longer without a healthy microbial population to decompose them. In addition, the toxins contaminate the soil, seep into the water table, and threaten our irreplaceable water supply. Is Organic more expensive than conventional lawn care?

Typically the answer is no and our services are very competitive. However, organic lawn care products, like organic food usually cost a little more, but they help provide a healthy, hardy, sustainable lawn that will thrive and grow without costly inputs and become less expensive over time. We hope to provide our customers the peace of mind to let their kids and pets roll around and chew on the grass. Turf, trees, plants, and shrubs have a healthier foundation and are more pest, disease and drought resistant. In addition, because organics do not contaminate the soil, water, and air, there are tremendous savings to the environment and long term health.

Program Details:

  • Spring Feed and Weed - Organic pre-emergent weed control/fertilizer combination
  • Spring Builder - Micro-organism health builder
  • Summer Sustain - Organic fertilization
  • Summer Builder - Micro-organism health builder
  • Fall Feed - Organic fertilization coupled with micro-organism soil builder

Nature's Way organic treatment program, in combination with correct mowing and watering practices, will create and maintain a beautiful lawn while respecting your family's health and the local and global environment.

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